Cote de Beaune 2018 Vintage


White : GOOD

A hot year - similar to 2009 and 2005, with higher alcohol levels and lower acidity. Wines will be heavier and denser than usual for Cote de Beaune. The lack of acidity will mean wines should generally be drunk earlier.
Reds definitely better than whites, which lack the structure of cooler years such as 2010 and 2014.
Yields were very high so there will likely be declassification of Premier Cru to Village classification, and Village to Bourgogne. Thus lower classifications may be better than normal and represent good value.

When to Drink Cote de Beaune 2018

ClassificationDrinking Window
Bourgogne NOW - 2024
Village 2022 - 2026
Premier Cru 2025 - 2032
Grand Cru 2028 - 2041
ClassificationDrinking Window
Bourgogne NOW - 2022
Village NOW - 2024
Premier Cru 2023 - 2029
Grand Cru 2025 - 2033